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Take It Easy / TOC February 2008

 take03_180.jpgFebruary 2008 

These are the stories in this issue of Easy Going. If a word is underlined, click on it to get more information. Or click on the Whiz Quiz logo to test your vocabulary! wqministreet.gif

 V.I.P Neil Jennings

Neil Jennings is a British university student. He wears a green power ranger costume when he visits other universities to encourage students to use less electricity... But when he visited the Arctic to observe climate change, he probably had warm clothes for cold weather! 

Compass Points: Northern Ireland

We visit special places in Northern Ireland: an "integrated college" (for Catholics and Protestants), the Giant's Causeway (a spectacular rock formation) and more. Click here for a virtual 360° tour of the Giant's Causeway. And you can listen to an Irish legend about the Causeway on your Live CD! If you want to learn more about Ireland's history, geography, monuments and traditions, read and listen to this special "talking book " made by a class of students in Ireland!

The World

Crossing Alaska: The organisers of the Iditarod call it the "Last Great Race on Earth". The Iditarod is a 1,000 mile (1,600-km.) long race across Alaska that takes 10 to 20 days to complete! Each team is composed of one person plus 12-to-16 dogs that pull the sled, a special vehicle for snow. There is also a shorter 'Junior Iditarod" for teens.

Liverpool, Capital of Culture: Liverpool, the English city on the River Mersey, is famous for the Beatles... and this year it is the European Capital of Culture!

Bizarre Bazaar: tHE MYSTERY YACHT

Australians are fascinated by a mystery ship in the Pacific Ocean.

Look! WOW! Nature Photos

See some fabulous photos from a nature photogrpahy competition. There was a category for adults and one for kids too. A British boy won the young photographer prize with an incredible photo of a lion with its mouth open so wide you can count the lion's teeth!

Celebrations: The Longest year

Read about the extra day in February, plus Valentine's Day and St Patrick's Day... when the Chicago River is green!

M&M (Music & Movies... and More!)

Crimes at Oxford!: When Martin (Elijah Wood, Frodo in The Lord of the Rings) arrives in the charming English city of Oxford, the murders begin!
More English Gore: Johnny Depp is the star of Sweeney Todd, a "musical thriller" in Victorian London.
Jumper: Paris to Tokyo in 5 seconds? It's not new technology, it's a genetic anomaly! Hayden Christensen, (Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars II and III) is the star of the new adventure film Jumper.
6 Lads from Liverpool: The Beatles were the first famous "Lads from Liverpool" but now there are more: a group called The Coral!

Listen! The Giant's Causeway

Read this irish legend about the Giant's Causeway, the spectacular rock formation you can see on page 3 of the magazine.


Actvities to revise the information and vocabulary in the magazine.

Who Are You? Beatles Quiz

Take the quiz on page 14 to see how much you know about the mythic group from Liverpool.

Bulletin Board

All about Alaska: Did you know that Alaska is the largest American state (it's more than twice as big as Texas), but it doesn't touch any other American states, only Canada.  

Kim Episode 3: THE GREAT GAME

In this episode, Kim and the lama find the red bull and the 500 devils. Is this Kim's destiny?