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SUPER generosity


Peter Tangen, the photographer who took the photo of the real-life super heroes, is a super-hero too. He is a famous photographer in Hollywood. His photos are used for film posters, like Batman, Thor, and more (see left). But he doesn't accept payment for his "real-life super hero" photos. He asks for a donation to "Generosity Water" instead. Generosity Water is an organisation that installs pumps in villages in Africa and South America where people don't have access to clean drinking water.  Peter encourages everyone to do something to help. Perhaps your class or sports team or other group could collect money for an organisation like "Generosity Water".















The flag of Mauritius is composed of four horizontal stripes, from top to bottom: red, blue, yellow and green.






Mauritius is famous as the home of dodos, one of the first species that became extinct because of humans. Before people came to Mauritius, the dodo bird had no enemies. So it lived in nests on the ground. Humans — and their dogs — killed the birds easily. Soon there were no more dodos. When the dodo became extinct, a certain type of local tree became extinct, too, because that tree and the dodo had a symbiotic relationship (the dodo depended on the tree for its survival, and vice versa). The story of the dodo teaches us that we must protect all species before they disappear, too.   






With the centenary of the Titanic disaster coming soon, there are lots of Titanic memorial events, like a Titanic Museum and even a Memorial Voyage! This recreation of a cabin is from a recent Titanic exhibit in London.   









The photo below appears in our magazine. We don't want to create any confusion. The photo is not from the September 1985 expedition mentioned in the article. It was taken by Leonard Evans on 2 September 2000, from the submersible Mir 1. 









Earth day Haiku competition

This year, you can post your Earth Day haiku directly to the Planet Pals/Kids Count for Earth Day facebook page. 


Why not watch the trailer for the funny new animated pirate film? You probably won't understand all the words, but the images will help, and here is some extra vocabulary help, too:

sparkling booty: butin étincelant   gold: precious yellow metal   crew: équipage   fail: échouer, ne pas réussir   shoe-in: le favori, someone who is sure to win a comptetition  beard: barbe  to hate: to detest sunk: coulé (au fond de la mer)  misfit: eccentric person   




Rap, for Example: "Example" is the name of a popular English rapper. You can watch his latest video.



220px-john_carter_poster.jpgThe Princess of Mars.. is a 100-year-old science-fiction book... and the basis of a new film, John Carter





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