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February 2013 

These are the articles in this issue of Take It Easy. If a word is underlined, click on it to get more information. Or click on the Whiz Quiz logo to test your vocabulary!   








VIP: Miranda Gibson, a year in a tree

Read about an Australian ecologist who lives in a tree because she wants to protect the forest!

COMPASS POINTS: awesome australia

Nicholas, 14, tells us about life in Sydney, Australia

THEN: utrecht: The heart of europe

This year is the 300th anniversary of the first peace treaty in European history! 

NOW: happy birthday, Packy

Packy is the oldest male elephant in North America... so every year, the zoo has a big party for him!

calendar: history & humour

Read about some special days in America, Britain... and everywhere that Irish people live!

LOOK: waltzing matilda

Look at the cool illustration, then read and sing along with the most popular Australian folk song. 


Bruno Mars: Bruno Mars's origins are very mixed... and his music is, too! 

Call Me Carly: Carly Rae Jepsen is a Canadian singing sensation!

Magical Manga: Ni No Kuni: The Vengeance of the White Witch  is a magnificent, manga-style video game. 

"Les Miz" Goes to the Movies:   First, it was a classic French novel, then it became a a successful London musical comedy... and now Les Misérables is a big international movie! 

SCHOOL (S)TRIP: the british museum

Uh-oh, there are all sorts of adventures when the class visits the British Museum!


Three pages of activities to revise the information and vocabulary from this issue of your magazine.

WHO R U?: I love animals

Take this quiz to see how much you love animals!

Bulletin Board 

Read the winning story in the  Plunging Policemen Competition on this page. And find some great ideas for organizing a Red Nose Day Quiz... and some great jokes, or funny stories, too tell, too!


Uh-oh... what is going to happen to Oliver now? 
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