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Take TOC May 09

take147.jpgMay 2009 

These are the stories in this issue of Take It Easy. If a word is underlined, click on it to get more information. Or click on the Whiz Quiz logo to test your vocabulary!wqministreet.gif







V.I.P.: Najood the Brave

Read about Najood Ali, a very brave little girl from Yemen. 

The World: Muddy Matches

Swamp soccer is not a very serious sport, but it is very messy, and lots of fun!

Bizarre Bazaar: canine crime

Why is the mayor of a small town in Germany asking for genetic tests for the dogs in his town? Read the article and find out!


Sally, from New Zealand , tells us all about her mountainous country in Oceania.


If this picture of Sally's brother jumping on a sand dune inspires you, send your story (approximately 100 words) to Take It Easy Summer Stories. Please send them in ".doc" format so we're sure to be able to open them.


Read about "Matariki", Maori New Year in New Zealand, the special ceremony at the end of high school in America, and the Canada Games, a special sports competition in Canada for sportspeople aged 11-22.

M&M (Music & Movies... and More!)

Star Trek: Star Trek fans (or "Trekkies") will love learning about when their heroes Captain Kirk and Dr Spock were young. And if you're not already a Trekkie, this film is a great way to discover the cult series!
Summer Fun with the Sims: Sims fans are happy to finally have a new version of the game that's more open and offers a lot of customisation.
Lily Owen's Secret:  In this lovely summer film, a 14-year-old white girl (played by Dakota Fanning who will be in Twilight 2) leaves home with her black nanny, in the American South in the 1960s, when Blacks and Whites couldn't go to the same schools or restaurants, and couldn't sit together on buses or in cinemas. 
Spring Music Round-Up: Metro Station, Kelly Clarkson and Jazmine: they're all young, they're all American, and they all have some great new songs.


You can read this traditional Maori legend in your magazine, and listen to it on your Live CD, too.


Actvities to revise the information and vocabulary in the magazine.

Who Are You? my favourite things

Take the quiz on page 14 to see what your favourite articles from the magazine say about you.

Bulletin Board

See the winners from our "Polar Bear Competition".

The Wizard of oz, Episode 4: THEre's no place liKe home

Dorothy had exciting adventures in Oz, but, can she go home again? 

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