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• We didn't have room to publish all our favourites in the magazine, so so here are more great stories and posters you made for this year's competitions (Nature Posters, World Records (below Nature Posters) & Silly Bandz (below World Records). 

Nature Posters

Here are three great posters by Sedat (top left), Marouane (right) and Atif (bottom left) from Ms Charlier's class at LP Chardeuil in Colluares. Their class wins a wwf calendar! 





















World Records
•  Ms Varloud's class from Collège Emile Zola in Le Haillan (33) wins the Guinness Book of World Records. We published one pupil, Thibault L's story, but here are some more.

Hello, my name is Thomas. I have anew record for you. It is the strangest animal in the world. This animal is the fying squirrel. This squirrel is special because it can fly between trees. t can realize this exploit because it has got two membranes between its arms and legs. It is a very big exploit for this animal. Thanks to its membranes, it can gly and escape from its enemies. So the flying squirrel is really the strangest animal in the world. 

by Thomas F. 

I am sure that you will be really amazed and impressed when you read this awesome record below... "An American teen, Jordan Helfp, stayed 57 hours and 47 minutes and seven seconds in a chair! Of course it was without eating, talking, drinking, playing or sleeping!" He was born in Georgia on 26 December, 1993. He became a legned in his city even if his record i a bit frightening because thie recod was finished on Halloween day. 

Some people of hte city said that he is not human! In any event, someone watched him all the time and our crazy young boy didn't cheat!

by Le Ho V. K.

And here is one story from Fran M. at the Lycée français in Murcia, Spain.

My idea for a new World Record is the largest hole dug with a toothpick. You have got one minute, and th eperson who digs the deepest hole using only a toothpick wins. You can't use your hands, and you can't use your mouth, only a toothpick.


Silly Bandz

•  Here are some of our favourite Silly Bandz ideas, by (left to right and top to bottom) Margaux B, from Ms Meynot's class at Collège Hoche, Versailles; Rayan S; from Courcouronnes, and Aymeric H., Maxime L. and Anissa B. from M. Rabilloud's class at Collège Louis Aragon in Villefontaine. 






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