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September 2012 
These are the articles in this issue of Take It Easy. If a word is underlined, click on it to get more information. Or click on the Whiz Quiz logo to test your vocabulary!





VIP: king khan

Amir Khan is a British boxer. He won an Olympic medal in Athens in 2004, and then he became a professional. He used some of his prize money to open a gym for kids who have no place to go after school.

COMPASS POINTS: 'Aloha' from hawaii!

Let's visit the only tropical state in the USA, which is famous for surfing and more... and which is also the state where President Barack Obama comes from.

THEN: 250 YEARS of sandwiches

In 2012, England is celebrating the 250th anniversary of the invention of the sandwich!

now: choosing a president

In 2008, Barack Obama became the first black president of the USA. Will he be re-elected in 2012, or will his rival, the Republican candidate Mitt Romney be the next president? Read about the American electoral system in Take It Easy!  

CALENDAR: it's pumpkin time!

Read about special days in autumn in North America and Britain... and springtime in Australia!

LOOK: take the tube!

We have lots of images from the London Underground, or The Tube . Your job is to see what's special about them!


Frankenweenie: Find out why this film is special for Tim Burton (the director of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland and many more).   

Twilight: Chapter 5: This is the last film in the Twilight series... or is it? 

Foster the People: Read our exclusive interview with Mark Pontius from the band Foster the People , who had the hit songs "Pumped Up Kicks" and "Don't Stop".

One Direction This band was formed on the British X Factor. They had a gigantic hit with the song "What Makes You Beautiful".

Surfing Games: If you like reading about surfing in Hawaii, why not try one of these free, on-line surfing games?

CLASS (s)TRIP: happy meals?

If you like comic strips, you'll love this one about a class trip to London. In this episode, French students + British food = disaster!


Three pages of activities to revise the information and vocabulary from this issue of your magazine.

WHO R U?: which destination is right for you?

In this issue, we talked about different English-speaking destinations: Hawaii, London and Australia. Take this quiz to find out which destination is best for you!

BULLETIN BOARD: competition / Surfing Record / Hawaii trivia

Why not participate in the writing competition on this page? Look at this bizarre photo and invent a story about it!  Or read about a surfing record, and why Hawaii is unique! 

oliver twist, EPISODE 1: can i have some more?

This is the first episode in our comic strip version of Oliver Twist. Poor Oliver! When he is a baby and a young boy, his life is very difficult...
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