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going147.jpgGreen Teens

Teenagers, schools and other ordinary citizens around the world are doing lots of interesting projects to help the environment.


Don't forget to send your decorated footprints to the Million Feet to tiger-painted-foot.jpgCopenhagen campaign .

Find out more about the International Day of Climate Action, and
the science behind 350 ppm on the 350.org site .

If you're interested in making your school more environmentally friendly, you can get help from the international Eco Schools movement. Visit their site to find the Eco-Schools network for your country.

Save the Rainforest


Don't forget to make a message on the Prince's Rainforests site, with the project's frog, to help protect the rainforests.You can discover more about the rainforests, too!

And read more about the Children's Eternal Rain Forest , protected by children from all over the world.

This BBC site presents 75 actions ordinary people can do to reduce their carbon emissions, and
helps you choose the ones that are best adapted for you.
The Newsround site has lots of information about climate change. Read the guide to
global warming, watch an animated guide to the effects of greenhouse gases  or try a quiz .

Gardening for the Environment

School children help Michelle Obama in the vegetable garden.First Lady Michelle Obama has started a vegetable garden at the White House, to grow vegetables to eat.

The vegetables are healthy, and its good for the environment: fruit and vegetables don't have to travel long distances in lorries and planes, and food waste from the White House kitchens can be transformed into compost for the garden! Here is a short article from the White House Blog .

And a longer one from Time for Kids.

Green Formula

greenf3.jpgFind out more about the green Formula 3 racing car and Formula 1 in Schools .


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