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going147.jpgLeading the Way

Read more about the leaders and pioneers we feature in the magazine. 






columbus.jpgRead about Christopher Columbus discovering the "New World", the first Columbus Day. Then read a simple version of Columbus's life and do a quiz! 

An American class imagined Columbus's journal .



The Lady with the Lamp

This is the basic story of Florence Nightingale's life. Then you can do a quiz!

This is what an English class wrote about her.




Read about tennis and golf pioneer Althea Gibson on the Library of Congress site.

They also have a page about aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart .   amelia.jpg

Hilary Swank stars in a new film about her life, and her mysterious disappearance. 







lincoln.jpgThis short biography on Abraham Lincoln on MyHero.com has great photos of Lincoln's family home. As you can see from this Civil War photo, Lincoln was the first U.S. president to be photographed. And he was very tall!

Nelson Mandela   

Nelson Mandela was elected the first black president of South Africa in 1994, in the first election mandela.jpgwhere non-white South Africans could vote.  Look at this slideshow about the election. Make sure you click "Show captions".

Today, at age 91, Mandela is not president, but he works for peace and to help children with Aids. There is a museum  about him in the place where he was born, Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. 

In Soweto, there is a museum about apartheid , the racist system Mandela and many others opposed. 


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