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Find out lots about the science all around us, and try some fun experiments! 




Science is all Around Us

In the magazine, we give you some examples of the science you can find in your house or in the street. This interactive gives lots more examples and details, plus pictures of course!

This quiz from the Science Museum asks you to decide which ecological gadgets, like the ones on page 2, exist.

Learn more about Adarsha and Apoorva's project to help Indian farmers grow jatropha plants for biofuel.

Try This At Home

16_mentos_volcano.jpgThis is a really extreme version of the exploding soda experiment!

This is a fun experiment – you can't watch the video but the instructions are clear. How to transform an egg into a ball you can play with!

If you like the cartoon on p.17, you can find more Marvin and Milo experiments here.

This experiment shows you how to make a mini-volcano . The "baking soda" in the ingredients is bicarbonate of soda. You can buy it in a pharmacy.

Wallace and Gromit

08_wg.jpgTry to make some gadgets with Wallace in this game.






Science as Art

eye_pod.jpgSteampunk isn't strictly speaking science, but it's inspired by the eccentric objects created 19th century scientists. These gadgets don't necessarily function, but they look fabulous! This one is called an "Eye-pod".

Click here for a gallery of Steampunk objects from the Oxford Museum of the History of Science. And click here to see the objects Oxford school pupils created after seeing the Steampunk exhibition.

This video from the science museum shows how vistors to its teens gallery can interact with an art work and learn about light . Plus it looks great too!



Science as a Career

Are you interested in finding out about the different jobs you can do in science? The London Natural History Museum site has a section called "I want to be an 'ologist" , with written interviews with different types of scientists who work in the museum. And DragonFlyTV has lots of video interviews with scientists. They work in very varied domains, from testing toys to sports science, from constructing cars to studying meteors!

The Elements Song

d_radcliff.jpgThere are lots and lots of versions of this song on YouTube – it seems to inspire people. This is a fun version .

And here is Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe singing the song next to RIhanna!

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