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Watch a video about Nick Graham and his grocery store. There is also text you can read as you watch.
This article is about other kids who have started their own businesses, like Nick.

   The Queen's Birthdays! 



The British monarch's official birthday is celebrated in June with a ceremony called Trooping the Colour. This year's ceremony is on 14 June.
Look at this photo gallery from the Queen's birthday celebrations last year.

Listen and learn about how the Queen celebrated her 80th birthday in 2006.







Happy Birthday, Model T! ford.jpg

This website has a short video where you can see Model Ts being assembled and driven off the assembly line. 









Happy 2008, Liverpool!

lambanana.jpgCheck out a photo gallery of some of Liverpool’s public art and sculpture, including this sculpture called the Superlambanana!

Here you can see some 360° panoramas of Liverpool landmarks.

If you like "Mona Lennon" in the magazine, you can see more of Alex Corina's work here .




beatles01.jpgThe Beatles

There is lots of information – and music of course – on the official Beatles site.

Watch The Beatles perform “Yesterday” in front of a gigantic crowd in Tokyo, Japan in 1966. 

Piano for Peace
Beatle John Lennon was well-known for promoting peace. His most famous song, "Imagine" is an anthem for peace in the world.
Pop star George Michael bought the piano on which Lennon composed "Imagine". He wanted to use it to promote peace, too. So, last year, he took it on a tour around the U.S.A. to places where there had been very violent acts. The piano visited the places where Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, and peace activist Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, were assassinated, and the sites of massacres in Omaha, Columbine and Waco.







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