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Easy Going
Easy Going May 15 Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters


Australia has lots of extreme weather and natural disasters. Nathaniel Kelly, 15, won an Australian Red Cross competition for making this video on how to prepare and protect yourself from disasters. This government site helps pupils learn about protection and what to do in different disasters. It has lots of games and quizzes.

Kangaroos and Koalas



Last December, Australia suffered particularly bad wildfires, which destroyed forests and homes. As well as humans, animals are victims of the fires.

Baby kangaroos that survived the fires were looked after at Adelaide Zoo . The zoo asked the public to make pouches for the zookeepers so they could carry the babies like kangaroo mothers do. People all over the world made pouches!

IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, also asked people to make mittens to cover koalas’ paws (hands and feet). You can see a BBC report about it here.

Donations to the zoo or IFAW , the International Fund for Animal Welfare can help care for the animals.

We Want To Help

In the U.S.A., FEMA Corps, a group of volunteer teenagers helps communities prepare for natural disasters, or help them when they happen.

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