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Easy Going December 14 Remembrance

Remember, Remember

04_cameron.jpgThe Tower of London is surrounded by a sea of red poppies to commemorate the 888,246 British and Colonial dead during the First World War. The ceramic poppies were “planted” from 4 August, 100 years from the beginning of the war, till 11 November, the day when the final Armistice is commemorated.

Here you can see Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha visiting the installation with a "Beefeater".

 On this video you can see how the artists made the poppies.

There is a great photo gallery of the poppies.


The British Legion is the organisation that makes remembrance poppies. Their Every Man Remembered campaign is asking the public to help make an online tribute to every Commonwealth citizen who participated in World War I. On their site you can read the tributes people have written, or choose a person to commemorate. Or why not have a class project to commemorate people from your family or region who participated in the war, or were affected by it?

There is also a section telling you what happened on this date 100 years ago.

A statue to an Unknown Soldier stands on Platform One of Paddington Station in London. It represents a soldier reading a letter, and is a memorial to the 3312 staff of the Great Western Railway Company who died in the War. This year, the public was invited to write a letter to the soldier, and create a new memorial out of words. Read some of the letters the soldier received from people old and young.  

 Students Remember

 Teenage students in Arizona, U.S.A., participate in the Veteran’s Heritage Project, visiting veterans from different wars and writing their stories for an annual book. You can read some of the stories on their site, and watch this video to find out more:

Is it Important to Remember? 

04_stoke-hammond.jpgStudent reporters from an English school explain what they are doing to remember WWI .

We asked our readers, "Is it important to remember historical events?" Titouan Le Goff sent us his opinion: "It's important to commemorate this historical event because the British army lost many men in this war. This war was devastating. The British army fought in long narrow tunnel (trench). The men had no choice. We commemorate this war because it was terrible for the soldiers"



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